Tata Zarsuela is  a 22 year old  lover of chocolates who laughs a lot. She’s a Benedictine by heart and a Tiger by blood. Boomtakatak is her passion project – a compilation of all the things that inspires and excites her heart.

Why Boomtakatak? 

Boomtakatak is a common language in dance. It’s an alternative way of counting beats. Instead of 5, 6, 7, 8, dancers would go for boom, tak, ha, tsh, depending on their interpretation. Basically, it’s another way of expressing the rhythm of the music. It’s a lot easier since it sets the flow and texture. Just like how this blog is for her. Aside from having dance as an outlet, writing also helps her share with you all the things she’s passionate about.

Dance is one of the best things that ever happened to her. It never fails to show her beauty without limits. It gives her the freedom to express her emotions. It brings her incomparable happiness. For that, she is forever thankful to the One up high for blessing her with that passion. 21 and forever a student of this craft – continuously learning and growing.

There are a lot of things she has yet to figure out but, right now, she’s trying her best to pursue her dreams one step at a time.