Solid Celebration: Majomiexieat3B

Solid as always!

Meeting up with this crazy bunch post-graduation is not as easy as it used to be. It’s always a challenge to find a date that would work for everyone’s busy schedule. So, seeing most of us together (although incomplete) last November 12 made me really happy! I missed them so much. Solid nights are unlike any other get-together. No matter where we are and what we do, it’s always a good time. I am lucky to have friends like them.



Though we did not celebrate our annual party at Tagaytay, some Solid traditions remain. Pokerfaced family photo (that would take us 216215589 shots before getting it right)!


Solid nights also mean reuniting with my main girls ❤️

Thank you to Majj for gathering the crew! She organized this a month before so we had no excuse of missing out. It was also in celebration of her birthday as well as Jomi and Keixie’s farewell. Because it meant that much to us, some of us filed VLs just to be here. As for me, I came from a whole day dance event. I had an hour of sleep and was effin’ tired. Caffeine was pretty much the only thing keeping me alive (and I don’t drink coffee unless I badly need to be awake). But, it’s Solid. I travelled an hour from the event and got to the venue at around 12mn. Totally worth it!

Time goes but friends stay. 


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