Sorah Yang’s Dance Class

Inspiring and insightful: words to describe Sorah Yang’s class at ACTS.

I have to be honest, I was really nervous prior to taking her class. She’s a world class choreographer and knowing her style scares me because I don’t know if I could keep up. Not to mention, the private class was packed with great dancers from different crews. It was overwhelming for me. At times like this, I tend to be really shy in class which makes it hard for me to absorb the choreography and focus.

So, yes, I struggled a lot. I love the piece but I had trouble learning it. Going in to groups, all the more, made me feel bad about myself. It got me frustrated because I hard time trying to remember everything especially when I saw the majority really doing well.

But her class was sooooo amazing! She is such a great teacher and an insane dancer/choreographer. She was detailed with the steps and the feel of the piece. She made us understand the timing and musicality. She knows when we need to slow it down and pick it up. You get the picture. She’s that great of a teacher.

The whole experience inspired me to work harder. Sorah Yang told us that it is okay to mess up. She said that the point of attending classes is to learn and not to kill the choreographer’s piece. So, it’s okay to make mistakes because the growing process happens after the class when we are at home, practicing what we learned. She also mentioned that it’s not about perfecting the piece taught inside the one and a half session but the amount of time we invest behind the scenes to improve.

I still have a long way to go and I want to assure myself that I would make time to train, to be better and better.

Thank you so much for the amazing class, Sorah Yang! Definitely one for the books. I would also like to thank Stylettos for inviting me to be part of this class.


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