Choreo Cookies | Body Rock 2015

What I love abut this routine is the overall staging and production, not to mention the message of the piece along with the incredible choreography. After watching it, tell me how can you not?

The Choreo Cookies has been my personal favorite crew ever since high school. They always bring something new to the stage. Challenging their previous pieces every single time. I think that’s what sets them apart from other groups. They always take their game a notch higher, bringing something fresh and unique for the people to see. The amount of dedication is seen in all of their pieces – well thought of and flawlessly executed.

In this performance, they took it to a whole new level. This was the last dance of Keone and Mari with the team so they had to make it extra special and meaningful. It was moving and stunning. It’s one of those pieces that would draw you in a trance because that’s how good it was. I really loved it. From the moment the host introduced Cookies to the group hug in the end, I had goosebumps.


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