Pursuit: Adult Ballet Classes

Chasing my dreams 21 years after. More than happy to be finally taking ballet classes. This is definitely worth the wait!

Being a ballerina is my ultimate frustration in life. Every time I watch ballet performances and look at photos of ballerinas in beautiful tutus, it steals my heart away. It’s my version of heaven on earth. The amount of skill, grace, strength and technique ballerinas have simply amazes me. It takes years of dedication to look seamless in ballet. Dancers in this field usually start early in their childhood to become monsters by the time they compete.

But being 21 doesn’t mean I’m a lost cause. Ain’t dreaming to be a beast but going for it is big enough for me rather than not having to try at all.  This decision to take ballet is solely for the love of it – a reminder to go the extra mile for the things that make you happy.

So, thanks a million lot to Feetness Pad for offering adult ballet classes. The studio is in Lilac St. a few minutes away from my house. Convenience at its finest! Plus, their classes are really affordable. I’ve attended 3 classes so far and enjoying every single one of them even if I’m not well-versed at it. I am learning, although slowly, but still, I’m learning.


There should be no barrier with the things you’ve always had the heart for. Go for it! You’d be surprised how fulfilling it is to cast all those doubts to make way for that lifelong dream.









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