ACTS 12th Summer Dance Recital

Spent this summer at ACTS Dance Academy and learned a whole lot from Josh Junio’s lyrical class.

The recital was held at Tanghalang Pasigueno last June 11. Dancing again on stage got me all hyped up. At the same time, it made me nervous like hell because It’s been a year since my last performance. Although the feeling was so familiar, the experience felt new to me and I love it. Seeing a community of dancers coming together to have fun and enjoy dance is such a good place to be at. Coaches inspiring students and students learning from coaches.

Lyrical Class Batch 1

Our piece was entitled, Anti-Social. The theme of the recital was all about social media and we represented the generation who’s always glued to their smartphones. Here’s a link of our dance.

Team Yaaasss!

I’m already happy to be performing again but knowing that these girls are here to cheer for me just made the whole experience more special. The amount of support they give is incomparable. And, they never fail with the surprises (Thank you so much for the banner with TPM signatures and the purple & orange bouquet). They know me too well. They know what would make me smile. Blocking their Saturday to watch me dance again, means a lot to me. They are my constant motivation.

Pretty Girks
For Life

All in all, deciding to enroll at ACTS was really worth it. Aside from dancing a fresh routine, this experience led me to a number of important realizations:

  • You always have time to dance (or whatever it is you are passionate about) even when working full-time. There’s really no excuse when you want something. It’s a matter of making time for the things that you love. I’m in a situation where I need to wake up early just to get to Makati in time and go home late because Marikina is soooooo far from the office. Sometimes I’d rather use the remaining time at home to rest. Ya feel me? But, I want to train so bad as well. When I found out that ACTS had night classes, I knew I had to go for it. Even if it meant having lesser hours for sleep, I took the opportunity because it’s more fulfilling to go home after doing what you love.
  • Don’t compare your present with the past. I stopped conditioning when I graduated college. My priorities shifted. I had to focus on work. I had to go through all that adulting and it took my time away from training. So when I got back to dancing in a studio after a year, I was frustrated at myself because my arms were flimsy, my pick-up was slow, my footwork was all over the place and I couldn’t get the speed right compared to my college self. But, I reminded myself to accept that some things change. What’s important is that I’m back on my feet and ready to go for it again.
  • #AlwaysAStudent. There’s no end to learning. Definitely wouldn’t stop at any expense to learn something new, especially in dance. I’ve been at this for years and there are tons that I still need to know and work on – technique, control, texture and the list goes on. I’m glad that there are people in this industry who genuinely makes sure that you grow.

Right now, I’m still taking classes at ACTS. I’m attending the ADC contemporary and company classes every Wednesday. Sometimes, I also take TPM’s company class. I’ve always wanted to focus on lyrical and contempo. I’m so happy that their studio is close to where I work and that classes are offered late at night. Glad to have this to look forward to every week.



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